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    Rack Mount Power Supplies

    Rack mount power supplies convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and distribute this current to each component in a piece of electronic equipment. They're commonly used in computers and are vital for supplying each component with power to run.

    What are rack mount power supplies?

    The term 'rack mount' refers to the housing on this type of power supply, with rack mount power supplies being housed in a rack. This means that you can stack several of these compact but powerful units in one rack, or use them as a standalone power supply. With two or more power supplies connected, you can supply your electronics with higher voltages or current.

    Rack mount power supply application

    Rack mount power supplies are ideal for production testing, electronic system development, component burn-in and other applications.

    All computer parts need DC power to operate from the electronic chips on the motherboard and adapters to the motors in the hard drive and optical drive. Rack mount power supplies are able to deliver this power to multiple components at once.

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