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    Thermostatic Mixing Valves

    Safe storage and domestic hot water distribution are applicable in all applications. There is a complete line of thermostatic valves to make sure safe tempered water is delivered from a source to use.

    The thermostatic mixing valve is the valve that blends hot water with cold water to make sure a constant and safe shower outlet temperature prevents scalding. The storage of this water at high temperatures removes any possible breeding ground for legionella, which is using a thermostat instead of the static mixing valve, giving increased safety against scalding and increased user comfort, just because the hot water temperature always stays constant.

    Most TMVs use the wax thermal for proper regulation. They also help shut off rapidly in case of a hot or cold supply failure, preventing scalding or a thermal shock. It is now a common practice around the globe to regulate storage water temperature to over 60 degrees C.

    What is a TMV valve?

    TMV stands for the thermostatic mixer valve, a fitting installed to control the water temperature from the showerhead or tap. It is an important piece of pipework that prevents users from getting scolded. In all buildings, mainly in huge locations such as schools and hospitals, it isn't easy to ensure that the same temperature of the water is coming from the taps at one end of the priority compared to the other. Hence TMV valve is installed, which regulates the flow of water to make it at a safe temperature at the site.

    What is a hot water mixing valve?

    The boiler's high-temperature limits must be, at most, the max temperature rating of parts of the systems. This will protect the component from temperature failure when sediment, dirt, or other mechanical issues cause the mixing valve to be inoperable.

    The mixing valve is a mechanical device mixes cold with hot water to perfectly deliver tempered, mixed, or water downstream. These devices may be put directly to the water heater outlet so that this tempered water gets delivered around.

    Thermostatic Mixing Valves

    TMVs are important for delivering eth hot water safely. They remade to shut down in the event of a cold water supply failure to prevent the release of scalding hot water. And they may also shut down if there is a hot water supply shortage to report the potential of a thermal shock.

    Each year around 20 people get into fatal accidents due to scalding from hot water just in the UK. Around 570 people suffer from injuries. But many o these injuries can prevent by using Thermostatic Mixing Valves. The majority of many occupied buildings in the UK are served to have hot water storage and distribution systems. With the usage of safety products, such injuries can be avoided.

    To avoid scalding Thermostatic Mixing Valves are an ideal measure to feel safe while having a bath.

    hot water mixing valve

    The hot water mixing valve is easily adjusted by 2-inlet mixing, by which water temperature is moderated by mixing cold and hot water. The tempering valve aims at getting a temperature of 50 degrees. Upon the failure of this valve, the water temperature doesn't get right. If the TMV valve works correctly, you might notice that the hot water starts running hotter than it must if this valve isn't able to regulate temperature ideally. It may need help to cool down hot water to make it safe.

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