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    What is a toilet handle?

    A toilet handle is part of a toilet it can also be known as a toilet lever. It is used to flush the toilet after we use it.

    The handle is a moving part that is attached to the cistern that holds the water. When you push the handle or lever downwards it raises lever which lifts the piston. Lifting the piston enables the water from the cistern to run into the toilet bowl to flush away the waste.

    Why would I need to replace a toilet handle?

    All of us use a toilet at some point throughout the day, often several times. The individual parts of the toilet can wear out or break. Toilet handles are one of these parts.

    Sometimes we need to replace the handle because there is an issue with the handle not allowing the inlet valve to close, which results in water constantly running.

    Sometimes all we want to do is renovate, change or update the décor within the bathroom. An easy way is to change the toilet flush handle.

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