LED Cluster Lamps

LED cluster lamps consist of LEDs (light emitting diodes), generally of the same colour, that are grouped together to produce a bright light. Because LEDs require only a small amount of power to function, they are energy efficient and suitable for situations where energy consumption is a concern. LED cluster lamps also have a long life and are low maintenance, needing to be replaced relatively infrequently. They are also known for their durability and capacity to withstand vibrations and shocks, which makes them useful in a range of harsh environments.

What are LED cluster lamps used for?

LED cluster lamps have a range of applications, including in industry, in entertainment and hospitality settings like hotels and bars, and in process control.

Types of LED cluster lamps

LED cluster lamps mainly vary in terms of the colour of light they emit. They can also differ in terms of their voltage and current rating, as well as their size and expected lifespan.

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Description Price Lamp Base Light Colour Lens Colour Voltage Rating Length Diameter Intensity Current Rating Viewing Angle EU Energy Efficiency Rating Life Hours Series Wattage
RS Stock No. 497-293
Mfr. Part No.180160
GU5.3 White - 12 V ac - 50mm 15750 mcd 20 mA 10° A++ - - -
RS Stock No. 497-079
Mfr. Part No.180153
GU10 Blue - 230 V ac 52.5 mm 50mm 5500 mcd 20 mA 15 → 25° A - - -
RS Stock No. 497-283
Mfr. Part No.180158
GU5.3 Blue - 12 V ac - 50mm 5500 mcd 20 mA 15° A - - -