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    Fan Cables

    Fan cables are a type of cable designed to connect a fan directly to a power source, or to transmit data to or from a fan.

    Types of Fan Cables

    These cables can be used for many purposes including:

    • Transfer of power
    • Transmitting information
    • Configuration
    • Testing
    • Intelligent control

    What are fan cables used for?

    Cables for fans come in a broad range of options with varying characteristics, depending on the type and size of the fan, and the purpose for which the cable is designed.

    Fan power cables, for example, may come with or without an integrated connector. Some have a straight plug while others come with angled plugs. These cables may also be available in varying lengths, with or without an earth cable. Some are colour coded and are usually made to industry standards. You will also find some fan cables for use with AC (alternating current) while others are designed for DC (direct current).

    Most fans will have the standard number of connector cables, which is two. However, special functions such as fan speed controllers may require additional wires to be added.

    Some connector leads are fan splitters which enable you to connect more than one adapter at a time and have multiple fans running in parallel with each other to offer greater flexibility with cooling where required.

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