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    RS PRO Tool Racks, Hooks & Holders

    We know that not every garage or workshop has an abundance of floor space for tool chests and cabinets. Even if they do, it can be beneficial to have wall-mounted tool racks to keep your most regularly used tools easily accessible. Organising your tools and storing them safely and securely with wall-mounted tool holders, hooks and racks will not only keep your workflow operating smoothly, but will also help keep your tools safe by having an appropriate form of storage.

    Our range of tool racks, hooks and boards features products from brands such as Bott, Hammond, Raaco and RS PRO.

    What are tool racks made from?

    Most tool racks, hooks and holders are made from materials such as steel and zinc or hard plastic for long life, durability and safety. They're designed to help you maintain a tidy workshop and to find tools quickly and easily, which is why there are some racks designed specifically for certain tools, such as spanners, wrenches or screwdrivers, which can be made from moulded plastic or metals.

    What types of tool holders are available?

    Choose from different designs depending on your tools. There are wall mount tool holders specifically sized for spanners and sockets. There are also designs with drill holders, hooks and spring clips for screwdrivers, spanners, drills and other hand tools including hand saws and hex keys.

    Customisable storage solutions are also available in the form of pegboards, which allow you to insert hanging hooks or pegs wherever you need them. This allows you to store a variety of different shaped tools safely, rather than trying to force too-large tools into spaces in which they won't fit or risk loosing or damaging small tools.

    How do wall tool racks work?

    They fix to your chosen wall, whether this is in your garage, shed or workshop, etc., and offer an excellent way of keeping all of your tools together in one place, offering both good visibility of the tools and a safe and secure way of storing them.

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