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    Facom Tool Box Accessories

    Tool Box Accessories help to enhance your storage and keep your equipment organised and safe. There's a variety of components to choose from, including padded divider sets, multi-compartment insert trays and corner protectors. They're designed to work with and enhance rugged, high-performance boxes or bags.

    What do tool box accessories do?

    The wide range of tool box accessories is designed to perform different functions. For example, utility organisers fit inside standard cases, allowing you to customise your storage to suit your equipment. They're covered with water-resistant fabric for extra protection. Ball corners are made from steel to reinforce the corners of cases and flight cases that might be exposed to frequent impacts.

    How to choose the right tool case accessories?

    Choosing the right tool box accessories depends on how you want your portable storage to perform. You can divide and organise your belongings or kit with helpful dividers, or add further space with insert trays and internal storage bags. Internal lids help to keep equipment secure, while mounting frames are available that let you install instrumentation panels into rigid cases.

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