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    Tap & Die Wrenches

    When using hand tools such as taps or reamers to cut or form female threads or to smooth the sides of a formed hole, a tap wrench can be used to create additional torque in the tap. This is beneficial when having to use a small hand tool in confined spaces as the wrench gives an extended reach without compromising on the leverage of the tap, reamer or similar hand tool. Some tap wrenches feature a sliding T-bar, which can allow the user to adjust the handle for different situations, such as when tapping against a shoulder or obstruction.

    What types of tap wrench are there?

    There are two main types of tap wrenches: Double-ended adjustable wrenches, also known as bar wrenches, and T-handle wrenches. Double-ended adjustable wrenches are used with larger taps where there is room to turn a larger wrench. They have one threaded handle, which is attached to the clamp which will also hold the tool.

    T-handle wrenches are more compact and use a collet to secure the tool. There are two design pieces to the collet, which are a threaded 'nose-cap' and four collet fingers. The nose-cap is screwed onto the outside thread of the fingers and its tapered shape makes the fingers clamp to the tool. This style of the wrench is useful in confined spaces or where extra reach is required.

    At RS, we have a range of tap wrenches that cover a range of thread sizes and requirements, meaning you are sure to find the correct tool to suit your specifications.

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