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    Pipe Benders

    Pipe benders are commonly used in the plumbing trade for bending and shaping a variety of pipes to make them suitable for a wide range of applications and fitting locations. Pipe benders come in a range of sizes for specific pipe dimensions and materials, such as copper and steel. Not all pipe and tube benders can accommodate all pipes, so it is important to know the outer diameter (mm or inch) of the pipe or tube you are working with is key when buying or using a pipe bender.

    How do Pipe Benders work?

    Pipe and tube benders typically feature two handles that control a guide over a former, also known as a shoe. Depending on the size of the pipe being bent, using longer handle arms will require less force for the user to achieve a clean bend. Some pipe benders come with interchangeable shoes to accommodate different pipe sizes, whereas others will be fixed-use benders for a specific pipe size.

    When bending pipes and tubes, having the correct shoe in place for the size of pipe being bent will ensure a clean and smooth bend and will stop the pipe from crimping and becoming compromised. Certain pipe benders are designed with a specific material in mind, such as copper, and many are also compatible with a bench vice for when more heavy-duty bending is required.

    Whether you are looking for a bender suitable for 4.75 mm tubes, 25 mm tubes, or anywhere in between, RS has you covered with the range of high quality and reliable pipe benders the we have on offer.

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