Socket Sets

A socket is a tool that attaches to a socket wrench, ratchet, torque wrench or other turning tool in order to tighten or loosen a fastener such as a nut or bolt by turning it.
They come in all shapes and sizes so knowing what you want to do with them is the first step. The more pieces within the socket set, the more versatility this gives you to ensure you have the right socket for the job in hand.
When choosing what socket set to purchase always have an idea on what type of ratchet or wrench you need.

Why use a socket or socket set
Having a socket set means that you have everything that you need at hand. Supplied in handy cases of many sizes, boxes or pouches that are easy to carry around.
Using a socket helps prevent you scrapping your knuckles as they are less likely to slip than if you used a spanner. You can apply more force when a part is corroded.

Types of Sockets you may find within a Socket Set
  • Hex Sockets - The most common type of socket with a square drive at one end to attach to a ratchet. The other end has a hex or bi-hex recessed socket head for turning your nuts and bolts.
  • Socket Bits - A combination of a screwdriver bit and a hex socket that connects to a ratchet. The other end is then used fits into the female recess of you fastener.
  • Impact Sockets -Give a better torque than ordinary drivers and wrenches. Are suitable for use with air guns. You can tell the difference to the other sockets because of the colour so are easy to identify.

Where to use a socket set
Mechanics use sockets in commercial or home garages. They use the sockets along with a turning tool to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts on cars, truck, buses and other vehicles.

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