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    Nut Splitters

    Nut splitters are hand tools used to break free seized or rusty nuts from vehicles or machinery. As their name suggests, they use focused pressure to wedge an opening in a nut until it breaks, allowing the nut to be removed. They have a hexagon stud at the base that twists to deploy and retract the metal point used to split nuts.

    How do Nut Splitter Tools Work?

    Nut splitter tools are often used in conjunction with a ratchet wrench, socket, or spanner. During application attach your choice of tool to the hexagon stud at the base of the nut cutter and then place it over the nut. In a clockwise direction, apply torque and turn the stud until it meets the metal point in the nut splitter and makes contact with the nut. As pressure builds, the point pierces the nut and cracks it on one side. Once broken, you can remove the nut without damage to bolt threads.

    Sizes, Features & Benefits of Nut Cutters

    Nut cutters are preferred tools to use when dealing with rusty or seized nuts because they work without causing damage to bolt threads. In some instances, a nut may be too difficult to loosen if it is in a hard to reach place, but a nut splitter can easily remove the nut.

    Nut splitters are available in a range of sizes, both imperial and metric. One nut cutter might be compatible with a range of nut sizes, however, RS carries 1 inch nut splitters, 2 inch nut splitters, and 30mm nut splitters. Larger nuts, like lug nuts, might need a specific lug nut splitting tool.

    Nut splitters are used across all types of professional and DIY work, from mechanical servicing, maintenance, and renovations, to home projects and DIY activities. If you have a stubborn nut that needs removing, there are few better options than a nut splitter.

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