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    Nut Drivers

    Nut drivers are handheld tools designed to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. They are also known as nut spinners and socket drivers. Nut drivers look and function similarly to screwdrivers in that they have a handle and straight drive shaft; however, nut drivers have an integrated socket on the shaft instead of a screw bit head. Where screwdrivers use a bit to fit into the head shape of a screw, nut drivers function by placing the socket over the entire fastening.

    The most common type and shape of a nut driver is a hex nut driver. Hex nut drivers have a hexagonal-shaped socket designed for hex nuts and bolts. Choosing the right hex bolt driver is as simple as choosing the right size for the job. Like other sockets and spanners, nut drivers are designated by the size of their socket drive.

    RS carries a range of nut drivers, both as individual tools or as part of a nut driver or hex bolt driver set. Our range of nut drivers made covers tools from steel or alloy steel and includes electrical nut drivers that are designed to protect users from up to 1000 V.

    What is Included in a Nut Driver Set?

    Nut driver sets are complete sets of different-sized nut drivers, offering much more flexibility and versatility for a job. A single set might contain anywhere from 3-8 pieces, each a complete tool on its own. Most sets come in an easy-to-carry case, such as a box, tray, or tool wrap. Our sets are available in both imperial and metric sizes.

    We carry many different types of nut driver sets, such as electric nut driver sets and bolt driver sets. Sort our range by type to make sure that you get the right and most efficient set of tools for your job.

    How do Nut Drivers Work?

    Nut drivers work much like other drivers. The hexagonal socket opening fits over the nut or bolt and is then turned clockwise or anti-clockwise by hand. As hand tools that use torque to tighten or loosen, nut drivers are essentially designed for light work. If more torque is required there are optional T-handle nut drivers which can be operated by both hands to generate more force. If even greater torque is required, then you might need to upgrade to a spanner with a longer handle or use a torque wrench.

    Types of Nut Drivers

    We offer a range of nut drivers to suit your application, drivers with solid and hollow shafts which allow for the removal of protruding nuts, flexible shaft drivers for those hard to reach places and insulated nut drivers designed to protect you from up to 1000 V. Some in our range include:

    Deep Nut Drivers - nut drivers with a deeper shaft than the standard dimensions. These are great tools for tightening and loosening nuts in hard to reach places, or nuts that are recessed.

    Electric Nut Drivers - a specific type of driver that is made with materials that absorb and dissipate electrical current. These drivers are perfect for electricians or for use in a system that may have a live current and are available in electrical nut driver sets.

    Nut Driver Applications

    Nut drivers are a useful addition to any toolbox, as they are a quick and easy way to tighten or loosen a nut. Professional engineers in automotive mechanics, plumbing, and electrical circuitry regularly use nut drivers on the job. At home, many use nut drivers during bicycle maintenance and when doing household DIY projects or activities.

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