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    Mains Test Screwdrivers

    Mains Test Screwdriver are simply designed screwdrivers. Unlike the appearance and shaping, these screwdrivers are multitasker. They are called electrical mains tester screwdriver as they are used in electrical equipment to ensure the presence or absence of current/voltage. This mains voltage tester screwdriver is basically avoltage detecting device. The detection occurs by placing the head of the screwdriver into the gap and pressing the metal cap against the tool to apply pressure. The neon bulb is located which automatically turns blue if the current/voltage is traced. The indicator will not illuminate until the mains test screwdriver is placed on an electricity conductor.

    Electrical mains tester screwdriver

    The mainsscrewdriver is more than just a screwdriver. As mentioned earlier, it works as a voltage detector too and tells the user about the passage of current through the electrical equipment. The head of the main tester screwdriver is placed in a hollow metal space of a device. The pressure on the metal cap is applied through thumb to detect the voltage, if there is any. Upon successful current tracing, a neon light in the mains screwdriver illuminates to sign the discovery of the current. The illuminator reacts otherwise if there is no current in the device or the screwdriver head is placed against a neutral and earth terminals and if the supply is dead. It is suggested to never touch an insulated blade when testing the current.However, the tool is multifunctional apart from being just a volt detector and performs different tasks as well.

    Multifunction's of mains test screwdriver

    The mains test screwdriver is way beyond as compared to the other conventional screwdrivers and tools in terms of performing multiple tasks. There is a built-in battery powered sensor which works as a central part of the tester. It allows multi-tasker electrical mains tester screwdriver to perform several functions. The tester works without disassembling any faulty item or contacting any live part of the equipment. The mains screwdriver is fully insulated yet performs operating functions perfectly. The tester conducts the following test:

    • Continuity
    • Fuses
    • Short circuits
    • Cable tracking
    • Mains sockets
    • Microwave oven leakage.

    The electrical mains tester screwdriver not only performs the above-mentioned tasks, but it can be used for repairing purposes. The repairing of electronic devices like mobiles phones, motorcycles, bicycles, vehicles, computer, CPU, sockets, electrical appliances and what not. One of the advantages that a mains screwdriver gives is that it saves the user from entangling with the wires. It is a known fact that wire works are risky and are tackled cautiously. These screwdrivers are designed for the purpose of facilitating and ensuring the safety of the person/technician.

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