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    Hand Reamers

    To ensure the of a project it's important that the product is completed to a high standard of finish. Part of this can be when producing holes through materials, sometimes the material is leftover and a hand reamer can ensure the hole is left completely smooth. Hand reamers like machine reamers are designed to smooth over a hole with great precision and quality.

    When drilling a hole it can leave the hole uneven, and reaming will slightly enlarge the hole. Producing a smaller hole initially will allow reaming space, called the allowance. Its recommended that the drilled diameter shouldn't be enlarged more than 5%.

    Hand reamers are typically made from carbide or high-speed steel (HSS), these multi-edged rotary cutting tools are used within metalworking industries for enlarging and finishing holes with a high level of precision and accuracy.

    At RS, we have both machine reamer bits and hand reamer bits. The main difference between the two is that hand reamer bits have a longer taper or lead in at the front end of the bit, which compensates for the difficulty of using hand power alone.

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