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    Hand Saw Blades

    Hand Saw Blades are metal blades with a cutting edge that are fixed into the handle of manual hand saws. The cutting edge can be in the form of teeth or a sharp wire, each of which is designed to suit different applications.

    Hand saw blades are measured by TPI, which stands for Teeth Per Inch and a saw's TPI and its size affects the materials through which it can cut and its cutting speed. In the same way, the material of the blade affects the applications in which it can be used. Knowing what you need to use your saw for will help you to determine which blade will be most appropriate for you.

    Hand saw maintenance is key to working with these tools as a clean, straight and dry blade will ensure optimal performance. Looking after these blades properly, and replacing them when they need to be replaced, will also ensure user safety and long product life.

    What types of blades do RS sell?

    Our comprehensive range of hand saw blades at RS includes blades for Hacksaws, Knife Saws, Pad Saws and Rod saws in a variety of sizes, TPIs, and finishes. Whether you are looking for a replacement blade for your regular tool or you need a blade that meets specific requirements for your application, RS can help you.

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