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    SAM Vices

    Vices are one of the most common devices used within the workplace, many see it as an integral tool for woodworking and metalworking. A vice uses jaws to hold the subject, with one fixed and the other moving parallel towards the other. The subject is usually secured with a screw mechanism until the jaws tighten up onto the workpiece.

    What types of vices are available?

    • Bench and Hand Vices are mechanical tools designed to clamp or retain a workpiece allowing work to be securely performed on it. Vices are commonly used as portable or anchored tools in workshops of all sorts by professionals such as electricians, plumbers, pipefitters carpenters, car mechanics, engineers and serious DIY enthusiasts.
    • Pin vices are small handheld device similar to a screwdriver, they can hold very small drill bits, files and blades. They have chuck heads, which can be swapped and changed for different size collets to be inserted.

    Where Pin Vices are used?

    There are various uses for a pin vice, they would most commonly be used by computer engineers for Adding and removing chips to a motherboard Working in hard to reach areas of the internals of a computer, however as they are so dynamic, various other professions would use pin vices: Sculptures/Artists Tailors Electricians Surgeons.

    Are vices good for woodworking?

    Workshops Bench Vices are ideal for woodworking, metalworking or any other professional applications. Vices allow for comfortable drilling, wood crafting, welding, threading etc. Some Vices feature unique systems such as Quick Release Mechanism or Swivel base. Features like these benefit when it comes to repetitive and fast jobs.

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