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    Backplanes & Motherboards

    A motherboard is the heart and power of any general computer and plays an equally important role. It is the main printed circuit in any computer.

    What are backplanes & motherboards?

    The motherboard, which has designated spots (slots) on it in which the peripheral devices may be linked to it, is the brains of the whole system. The motherboard, which really is essentially a circuit that serves as the interface between both the CPU and the input devices, output devices, storage devices, RAM,and other crucial components, is the central component of a conventional personal computer (PC). The motherboard is a printed circuit board that unites all of the computer's essential parts (PCB).It is linked to all of the other devices using wires and ports. The ports where these devices may be attached are known as I/O ports since the majority among those devices are designed to conduct either output or input tasks. In order to power the data bus, disk drives are linked to the motherboard via multi-conductor ribbon cables.The backplane is a printed circuit board that contains connection slots for expansion boards and allows for communication between all connected boards.There are 2 types of backplanes, an active backplane which contains the slots, and all needed to manage communication between these slots and a passive backplane which only has the bus connectors. In a passive backplane all data communication is between them is handled by expansion boards connected to the backplane. There are different size motherboards and backplane dependent upon your application.The amount of time a backplane system need to be down for repairs compared to utilizing a motherboard is one of the largest disparities between the two. While replacing a traditional motherboard could require hours of downtime, upgrading an SBC might just take a few minutes.

    Eurocard Backplanes vs Eurocard Motherboards

    When you take a look at Eurocard backplanes and Eurocard motherboards, you will be able to notice some prominent differences in between them. The motherboard is pretty much a printed circuit board, which can hold different devices. You can take a look at a prototype motherboard designed as per the Eurocard format, where you will be able to see how the different devices are such as input devices, output devices, RAM, and central processing unit are accommodated.On the other hand, a backplane is a printed circuit board, which doesn't have any on-board storage and processing elements. For example, you will be able to find a backplane on your motherboard, where the expansion adapter card is plugged in.A motherboard is a large electronic circuit board featuring several expansion slots for add-on sound cards, video cards, and other specialist input/output devices in addition to a lot of hardware for the device's primary, common purpose. Every component of the PC is connected to the motherboard either directly or indirectly. Contrarily, a backplane is essentially just a board with interconnected slots.You can call the motherboard as the backbone of your computer. That's because it is responsible for creating a link in between different components. On the other hand, it can also act as a centralized hub that connects different devices together.

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