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    Hand Grips

    A hand grip is a moulded plastic component that fits over tubes, rods and bars. Hand grips are easy to install and require no fixings or adhesives. Grips simply stretch over the end of the tube rod or bar to provide the user with comfort and a secure hold. With finger grooves for better dexterity, they fit snugly in the hand and increase grip strength. 


    Hand grips can be manufactured from rubber or PVC. The high-quality materials won't split, tear or shred. They are hard-wearing and strong.  


    Hand grips can be used in a wide range of applications. Grips are accessories used to finish off a product and provide a practical and attractive finish. Some of the most common are

    • Garden tools and equipment
    • Barbells, fitness and exercising equipment
    • Industrial levers and handles
    • Handlebars and handgrips
    • Lifting equipment


    Hand grips are typically ribbed for extra grip. RS supply a range of different lengths and diameters to suit you every need.

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