Circular Connector Backshells

Circular connector backshells are components of a wiring system that attach to the cable side of a circular connectorin order to provide robustness and ensure its integrity. They are typically separate from the connector head itself, and secure the cable to the connector via a clamp.

Why are circular connector backshells needed?

Circular connector backshells help to protect the connector, and to safeguard the reliability of the cable and ultimately the entire system. They prevent the ingress of dirt, moisture and liquids into the connector head by providing a tight seal against the cable itself. In addition they act as an effective form of strain relief for the connector assembly, ensuring that the cable cannot be bent to an excessive angle, which could potentially damage it.

What are circular connector backshells used for?

Circular connector backshells are used to shield wire connection points of interconnecting cablesand connectors. They may also be used to shield against electrical interference in a system by acting as a continuation of the cable ground sheath directly into the connector itself.

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Description Price For Use With Shell Size Body Orientation Gender Housing Material Spring Clip Size Thread Size IP Rating Length Number of Contacts Strain Relief Series
RS Stock No. 827-8923
Mfr. Part No.JR13WCC-8(72)
RM-W Series Waterproof Connector 13 Straight - Aluminium Alloy, Brass, Zinc Alloy - M16 x 0.75 IP67 17mm - Yes JR-W
RS Stock No. 827-8927
Mfr. Part No.JR16WCC-8(72)
RM21WT 16 Straight - Aluminium Alloy, Brass, Zinc Alloy - M20 x 0.75 IP67 17.5mm - Yes JR-W