Speaker Connectors

Speaker connectors are a type of connector designed primarily for loudspeakers, Hi-Fi systems and other audio applications. Speaker connectors can be used to provide connection between speakers and amplifiers. Loudspeaker connectors are DIN connectors or circular connectors with a ring of metal surrounding an arrangement of pins that are plugged into a socket. Speaker connectors have a gender (male or female). Male connectors are a plug, while female connectors are the socket.

Types of speaker connector:

  • Sockets

  • Speaker Terminals

  • Splitters

  • Banana Plugs

  • Pin Connectors

  • speakON Connectors

  • Audio Jacks

There are different types of speaker connector which are mounted in various ways. This includes: 

  • Panel type connectors, which are mounted onto an equipment panel, are designed for high currents and inductive loads. Panel mount speaker connectors provide a connection between the speaker system and the outside of the enclosure.

  • Cable type connectors are mounted onto a cable. They can feature a robust plastic shell and chuck-type cable clamps. The mounting will vary by the connector. Some are screw mounted or feature clamps.

Where are speaker connectors used?

  • Loudspeakers

  • Amplifiers

  • Microphones

  • Lighting systems

  • Laser systems

  • Concert equipment

  • Telecommunications

What are speaker terminals?

Speaker terminals are a type of speaker connector which provide termination of leads or speaker wire. A benefit of a terminal is that it will often have multiple connections, saving the installation of multiple sockets. They feature red and black colour-coded sockets for the bare wire. The colour-coding helps to identify the polarisation of the wire.

Terminals often have a spring loaded lever which, after placing the wire inside, can be released and secured. This lever traps the wire in place, similar to a crimp. The levers are a really quick and easy way to create a secure connection. It also means that you do not need to attach different connectors to a cable, and various wire sizes can be used.

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Description Price Gender Number of Contacts Body Orientation Contact Material Mounting Type Housing Material Contact Plating Termination Method Colour Current Rating Voltage Rating Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS Stock No. 449-130
Mfr. Part No.AP412
Male 4 Straight - Cable Mount Thermoplastic - - - 20A - +25°C -25°C
RS Stock No. 876-8521
Mfr. Part No.2501MP
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