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    Energy Meters

    No one is capable to get electricity for free unless he or she is generating it from other sources such as from the sun, but even then, measuring the amount of electricity produced will be necessary.

    What are Power Meters

    Businesses tend to have high energy bills, so it pays to make sure your energy meter is the right kind. Energy meters, also known as Electrical Meters or Energy Monitors, are devices used to measure and monitor energy use.That's when energy meters/electricity meters come into play. This ensures quality measurements and data due to their highly accurate and reliable readings. It is possible to buy a variety of energy meters that record information, such as power, frequency, voltage, current and wattage.Moreover, when it comes to the build of energy meters, they are usually panel-mounted or DIN rail-mounted or they can be plugged directly into a wall outlet.DIN rail-mounted energy meters are suitable for equipment rack mounting. Energy consumption is an important factor for both environmental and cost-reduction purposes. Integrating an energy meter into a power management system is ideal for monitoring energy efficiency.Energy meters have LCD displays. LCD displays and analogue dials are commonly found on the front of electrical meters and are used to display meter readings. You may also find buttons on these displays to navigate the meter and control aspects such as backlighting and language options.

    Where are Power Meters used?

    UPS power suppliesLaboratory equipmentCircuit breaker monitoringNetwork managementPower PlantsHomes and BusinessesThe most application usually use Energy Meters to monitor and display how much energy you have consumed on behalf of the energy supplier

    Types of Electrical Meters

    Choosing the most appropriate energy meter for your business is a critical decision based on your business's nature as well as the main hours of operation. Following are the few types from which you can choose:Frequency MeterDigital Power MeterAnalogue Power Meters**How does an electric meter work?**Power meters display spinning numbers. When looking at one, you may wonder, "Isn't it supposed to show my energy consumption, or how do these machines calculate my energy consumption?" Analogue meters spin the dials as electricity is pulled from the grid, and a new reading is displayed.Utility companies determine your energy usage and the amount they should charge you by comparing two readings - your current and previous readings.**What are electrical meters used for?**Electrical Meters are electrical measuring devices that are widely used to record electrical energy consumed over a period of time in terms of units. They can be found in a number of places such as houses, factories, offices and shops in order to register power consumption.

    Energy Monitors

    In the past, calculating energy consumption in the home has been somewhat of a black art - from determining the most expensive appliances to understanding units, reading meters, and worrying about 'estimated' bills. But not anymore!By using an energy monitor, you can see exactly how much energy you are consuming, down to how much it costs to run your washer or dryer in real-time.

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