Light Curtains

Safety light curtains are also known as safety light barriers or safety light screens. These optoelectronic devices are used to detect people present in the vicinity of moving machinery. Light curtains can be used as an alternative to mechanical barriers and other forms of traditional machine guarding. Set of light curtains contains transmitter head and receiver head. A transmitter generates an infra-red light between the two heads which acts as a detection zone. A movement detected within the detection zone initials the machine stopping procedure and automatically disconnect all hazardous machinery. To reactivate the machinery, an operator has to press reset button that is positioned outside of the danger area. Some models are equipped with an auto-reset option that automatically starts machinery once the detection zone is free of obstacles. A response time of all light curtains is just a fraction of a second, it means that no other barrier type can compare to that.

Selecting the right light curtains
Maximum scanning distance and beam resolution are 2 important attributes that determine the right device for you. A distance between transmitter and receiver can be various from 0 to 20m and the choice depends on the type of machinery that is used in conjunction with the curtain.
Beam resolution determines detection capability, light curtains with 14 mm beam resolution are able to detect small body parts such as a finger, 20 mm ones are suitable for palm detection. Beam resolution of 20 mm and above are ideal for hand, head or full body detection. Typical beam resolution values are between 14mm to even 70 mm.
The physical size of curtains is also important. Some model can be small as hand but the other ones are even 2.5 m long.

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Description Price Range Series Beam Resolution Component Type Safety Type SIL IEC 61508 PL EN ISO 13849-1 Number of Beams Protective Height Minimum Scanning Distance Maximum Scanning Distance Maximum Response Time Supply Voltage Application
RS Stock No. 182-9528
Mfr. Part No.SGSSP3-400Q88
- SGS 400mm Emitter, Receiver - 3 e 3 800mm 0.5m 30m 22 ms 24 V dc Area
RS Stock No. 127-8333
Mfr. Part No.XUSL4E30H166N
1 Pair of 1
Preventa XUSL4E 30mm Receiver, Transmitter 4 3 e 83 1660mm 0m 4 m, 12 m 20.5 ms 24 V dc Hand
RS Stock No. 182-9542
Mfr. Part No.SLLP23-630P88
- SLL 23mm Emitter, Receiver - 3 e - 630mm - 12m 12.5 ms 24 V dc Area
RS Stock No. 701-2940
Mfr. Part No.C2MT-03034BBC03DE0
miniTwin C2MT 34mm Receiver, Sender 2 2 d - 300mm 0m 8m 13 ms 24 V dc Hand
RS Stock No. 196-4110
Mfr. Part No.XUSL4MB30H061N
1 Pair
Preventa Safety Detection XUSL4M 30mm Receiver, Transmitter 4 3 - 31 610mm 0m 4 m, 12 m 11 ms 24 V dc Hand
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