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Digilent provides open and flexible solutions to developers and engineers.

From embedded development to test & measurement, Digilent takes engineering professionals from concept to proof in the most efficient way possible – no matter the scope of the project.

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Digilent Analog Discovery Pro

Digilent Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Portable MSO

  • 4 channels analog input with 14-bit resolution at up to 0.5 GS/s
  • Comes with 12 instruments ready to analyze mixed signal systems through our free software, WaveForms
  • Linux Mode provides an on-device terminal-based operating system and a flexible starting point for all kinds of custom tests and applications

Digilent Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Series

Analog Discovery Pro 3000
  • 4 channels analog input with 14-bit resolution at up to 0.5 GS/s
  • 16 digital channels make Analog Discovery Pro a true mixed signal oscillosc
  • 2 dedicated external triggers
  • Test your systems in Linux environment
  • Free software application enables use of the available analog and digital i

Digilent's Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) - The Perfect Coworker?

The new Analog Discovery Pro ADP3450, is the first product in Digilent's Analog Discovery Pro line. It offers users the same high-resolution, mixed signal,12-in-1 multi-instrument experience. It also boasts an additional Linux interface running on the device itself.

Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle for experienced

Turns your PC into a powerful circuit discovery platform that can measure, visualize, analyze, record and control mixed signal circuits.

Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle

Genesys ZU-3EG for SMART applications

The Genesys ZU-3EG is designed with multimedia and network connectivity interfaces. It comes with free libraries to get you started with SMART applications

Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC Platform

Eclypse Z7 for embedded measurement systems

Featuring high-speed Zmod ports and software API from Digilent, Eclypse Z7 shortens the time it takes for engineers to develop high-speed instrumentation

Eclypse Z7 Zynq SoC Platform

Ettus USRP B205mini-i: 1x1, 70MHz-6GHz SDR/Co

Experiment with the USRP B205mini-i across a wide range of applications including: FM and TV broadcast, cellular, GPS, WiFi, ISM, and more.

Ettus USRP B205 mini-i
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