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RS PRO T43 Blue Threadlocking Adhesive, 50 ml, 24 h Cure Time

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RS PRO T43 Threadlock

The RS PRO T43 50 ml medium strength threadlock adhesive and sealant is designed for use on all types of metals and threaded fasteners such as bolts , screws and nuts. This adhesive is designed for locking and sealing all small threaded fasteners. Cure performance shows consistent strength on individual fastener finishes from black oxide to zinc-plated steel. This product has good solvent and temperature resistance. This product is stronger, fast curing and gives better lubricity and consistence performance. It has special lubricating ingredients to provide a consistent torque-tension relationship with degreased phosphate and oil finishes, which works over the entire recommended torque range for grade 5 fasteners.

Available in 2 sizes:

Feature and Benefits:

  • Cures quickly on normal plated or oiled metal surfaces

  • Cure time is 4 hours at 23°C for steel and 24 hours at 23°C for zinc

  • Good solvent, chemical and temperature resistance

  • Non-migrated thick gel

  • Creates a seal around the thread to prevent leakage or corrosion

  • Good adhesion and sealing properties

  • 100% solid formulation for cost-effectiveness

  • Non-migrating, thick gel

  • Low odour

  • Specific gravity of 1.07

  • Operating temperature ranges between -50⁰C and 150⁰C

Typical Applications

Threadlocking adhesive also known as thread locking fluid or threadlocker is a liquid resin which is applied to threaded fasteners to prevent sefd-loosening, leakage and corrosion. Thread lock can be used for all small fasteners such as bolts, nuts and screws where vibration loosening prevention is required:

  • Industrial lubricants, oil, cleaners

  • Metals surfaces like oily steel, aluminium, stainless steel and zinc plated parts

  • Thread fasteners


Which strength of threadlock to use?

This adhesive sealant can come in different strengths:

  • Low Strength - this adhesive is used on screws up to one-quarter of an inch in diameter. These screws include adjustment and calibration screws, gauges, meters and other fastenings that require regular adjustment. Low strength threadlock adhesive allows the fasteners to be easily removed.

  • Medium Strength - this adhesive is used on fasteners up to three-quarter of an inch in diameter. These fasteners are typically used in machine tools and presses, pumps, compressors and mounting bolts. This adhesive allows the fasteners to be removed using hand tools.

  • High Strength - this adhesive is used on fasteners up to one inch in diameter which are used in permanent assemblies such as heavy equipment. High strength threadlocking adhesive provides resistance against a high degree of vibration and offers the highest holding ability.

The RS PRO T43 is medium strength.


T43 does not cure when exposed to air

Trade NameT43
Threadlocking StrengthMedium
Cure Time24 h
Product FormLiquid
Package TypeBottle
Package Size50 ml
Maximum Operating Temperature+150°C
Minimum Operating Temperature-50°C
Operating Temperature Range-50 → +150 °C
Chemical Composition2, 1-Acetyl-2-Phenylhydrazine, 6-Di-Tert-Butyl-P-Cresol, Acrylic Acid, Bis(Isopropyl)Naphthalene, Cumene Hydroperoxide, Hydroxyalkyl Methacrylate, N, N-Dimethyl-P-Toluidine, Polyglycol Dimethacrylate
Specific Gravity1.07