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RS PRO Pressure Sensor, 6bar Max Pressure Reading Analogue

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RS PRO Pressure Sensors

Introducing RS PRO pressure sensors, also known as pressure transmitters. These devices change pressure forces into electrical signals. They are used to measure the pressure of the specific quantity like air, water and gas by changing the pressure into electrical energy. The probe uses a piezo-resistive ceramic sensor, giving excellent media compatibility within a stainless steel housing.

Why would choose these types of pressure sensors?

Pressure sensors with 0-5 V or 4-20mA outputs are transmitters least affected with electrical noise and resistance in signal wires, perfect technology for long distance transmission.

What is the difference between a pressure transmitter and a pressure transducer?

Pressure transmitters regularly get confused with a pressure transducer. A pressure sensor with a current loop output such as 4-20 mA is technical a pressure transmitter. If a pressure sensor provides an mV voltage output or a non-amplified output then it’s a pressure transducer.


The electronics incorporate a microprocessor-based amplifier, requiring no adjustments and giving stable electronics, especially for industrial applications. The device is temperature compensated, calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number and calibration data.

Features and Benefits

• Piezo-resistive thick film ceramic sensor
• Compact and rugged
• Stainless steel body
• Accuracy <±0.25%
• Output 4-20 mA
• Pressure rating: -1 to +9 Bar G
• Threaded mounting
• BSP 1/ 4
• M12 4-pin connector
• CE Compliant

Material Specifications

• Housing: Stainless Steel 316L
• O ring seals: Viton

• Diaphragm: Ceramic Al2 O3 96%

• Media wetted parts: Housing & connection, O ring seal, diaphragm

• Weight: 100 g

• Installation position: Flexible

• Operational Life: >100x 106 cycles

• Insulation resistance >50 hms at 50 V dc

• IP67

RS PRO Range IPS-M12 Series Industrial Pressure Sensor Options

4-20mA Pressure Sensor Range

• RS Stock no: 175-4983 = Pressure Transmitter 0-1barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-5001 = Pressure Transmitter 0-6barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-5003 = Pressure Transmitter -1 to +9barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4985 = Pressure Transmitter 0-10barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4990 = Pressure Transmitter 0-16barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4981 = Pressure Transmitter -1 to +24barG 4-20m M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4992 = Pressure Transmitter 0-25barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4999 = Pressure Transmitter 0-400barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4987 = Pressure Transmitter 0-100barG 4-20mA M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4995 = Pressure Transmitter 0-250barG 4-20mA M12

0-5 V Pressure Sensor Range

• RS Stock no: 175-4984 = Pressure Transmitter 0-1barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-5002 = Pressure Transmitter 0-6barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-5005 = Pressure Transmitter -1 to +9barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4986 = Pressure Transmitter 0-10barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4991 = Pressure Transmitter 0-16barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4982 = Pressure Transmitter -1 to +24barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4993 = Pressure Transmitter 0-25barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4998 = Pressure Transmitter 0-40barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4989 = Pressure Transmitter 0-100barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-4996 = Pressure Transmitter 0-250barG 0-5V M12
• RS Stock no: 175-5000 = Pressure Transmitter 0-400barG 0-5V M12

Applications Information

• Temperature testing facilities
• Process control
• Automation
• Industrial measurement

RS PRO Pressure Sensor Gauge

The RS PRO IPS-M12 series pressure sensor has an operating pressure ranging between 0bar and 6bar G(Sealed Gauge). The sensor requires process connection of BSP 1/4 and the housing made from 316L stainless steel with Viton O-ring seals. It uses a piezo-electric thick film ceramic sensor. It has a 4-pin connector.

Features and Benefits

• Service temperature ranges between -20°C and 80°C
• Accuracy is less than ±0.25% FS BFSL
• Analogue output voltage ranges between 0V and 5V
• Nominal pressure output ranges between -1bar to 400bar
• Threaded mount
• Least affected by electrical noise
• Compact and robust
• Includes mating cable and plug assemblies


• Temperature testing facilities
• Process control
• Automation
• Industrial measurement


• CE certified

Pressure Sensors, RS PRO

Pressure Reading TypeRelative
Minimum Pressure Reading0bar
Maximum Pressure Reading6bar
Accuracy±0.25 %
Output TypeAnalogue
Process ConnectionG1/4
Electrical ConnectionM12 4-pin
Analogue Output0 → 5 V
Supply Voltage9 → 32 V dc
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Minimum Operating Temperature-20°C
Mounting TypeThreaded
Maximum Operating Temperature+80°C