Keysight Technologies N2890A Oscilloscope Probe, Probe Type: Passive 500MHz

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COO (Country of Origin): MY
Product Details

Keysight Passive Probes N2862B, N2863B, N2889A, N2890A

Low-cost general-purpose probes featuring a high input resistance for low probe loading. They can be adjusted for low-frequency and high-frequency compensation.


These probes provide a 10:1 attenuation ratio except for the N2889A which has a switch in the probe handle for switching the attenuation ratio between 1:1 (35ns rise time) and 10:1 (1ns rise time)

Supplied with

retractable hook, adjustment tools (2 with N2889A/90A, 1 with N2862B/63B), insulating cap, IC insulating cap, identification tags, probe tip (2), ground spring, BNC adapter, ground lead (black 12cm)

Keysight Technologies Oscilloscope Probe

The Keysight Technologies low-cost passive oscilloscope probe provides up to 500MHz bandwidth and features a high input resistance of 10Mohm to address a wide range of measurement needs with low probe loading. This probe can be adjusted for low-frequency compensation and high-frequency compensation. This probe is compatible with Keysight InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes with 1MΩ input.

Features and Benefits

• Bandwidth is DC to 500MHz (–3dB)
• Attenuation ratio is 10:1
• Cable length is 1.3M
• Input impedance is 10Mohm ll11pF each side to ground
• Maximum input is 300V RMS (or >400Vpk) CAT I and CAT II


• IEC-61010-031:2002

Supplied with

Agilent InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes with 1MΩ input

Passive Oscilloscope Probes


All the products in this range are supplied for use with instruments with a permanent earth connection.

Attribute Value
Probe Type Passive
Attenuation 1:10
Bandwidth 500MHz
Connector Type BNC
Model Number p N2890A
Safety Category Level CAT II
Safety Category Voltage 300V
Series N28XXA/B
Safety Category CAT II 300 V
Rise Time 700ps
Discontinued product