Acc Silicones Silicone Thermal Adhesive, 8 h Cure, 1.55W/mK, 310 ml Cartridge

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ACC Silicones Neutral Cure Thermally Conductive Adhesive

This thermally conductive adhesive sealant from Acc Silicones is a 1 part, non-corrosive RTV (room temperature vulcansing) silicone rubber, ideal for creating a secure bond with a range of applications. The AS1803 is perfect for the thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components, or between any surface where thermal conductivity or heat dissipation is vital due to the excellent thermal conductivity. This thermally conductive adhesive features a wide service temperature range, allowing it to be used with a range of materials. This sealant also features a rapid cure when in contact with atmospheric moisture, forming a tough weather and moisture resistant rubber. The AS1803 is part of a new family of products called acetone cure sealants that are solvent free.

Features and benefits

• Wide operating range of -50°C to +220°C, making it ideal for use with a variety of applications
• Excellent bond and adhesion strength, eliminating the need for welding techniques
• Excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures
• Strong cure process with weather and moisture resistant properties
• 1 part adhesive that is ready and easy to use
• High thermal conductivity: 1.55 W/mK
• Solvent free


Thermal adhesives are a type of thermally conductive adhesive used to secure heat sinks and electronic components. Thermal adhesives are available in a number of mediums such as thermal paste, glue, tape and more. They work by creating a strong bond for heatsinks or electrical parts commonly via a two-part epoxy resin with thermal conductivity capabilities, drawing heat away from a device. Thermal adhesives are used in a variety of industries and applications such as:
• Heat sink bonding
• Potting/encapsulating sensors
• BGA die heat spreader interface
• Chip scale packages
• Power semiconductors

How to apply

Before applying, ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease, dust and contaminants. If supplied in cartridges, the AS1803 can be applied using either manual or pneumatic dispensers. It can also be applied from bulk containers using conventional drum dispensing equipment. For optimum bond strength, the thickness of the sealant joint should be between 1 and 2 mm and left untouched for at least 24 hours, but ideally longer if possible.

Can this thermal adhesive be removed?

Thermal adhesives such as grease and pastes can be removed if required using a combination of a thermal adhesive remover (or high concentrate rubbing alcohol) and a lint free micro fibre cloth. Please note special care must be taken when removing thermal compounds and protective clothing must be worn at all times.

What is the maximum operating temperature?

The maximum operating temperature of this thermally conductive sealant is +220°C.

Silicone Compounds - ACC

Attribute Value
Adhesive Type Thermal Adhesive
Trade Name AS1803
Package Type Cartridge
Package Size 310 ml
Cure Time 8 h
Maximum Operating Temperature +220°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -50°C
Operating Temperature Range -50 → +220 °C
4 Within 2 working day(s)
39 Within 4 working day(s) (Global stock)
Price Each
MYR 241.46
Per unit
1 +
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