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RS has been serving the needs of buildings, facilities and energy management professionals for decades. Our understanding of industry requirements plus our comprehensive range of energy efficient products in lighting, heating & plumbing, control & metering, test & measurement, insulation, IT and renewable energy offers a unique ability for our customers to ensure compliance and return cost savings through energy efficiency projects through a single source.

In this edition of MRO Solutions we highlight products and opportunities to reduce energy consumption, optimising efficiency and minimising production costs.

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2020 Indirect Procurement Report

The 2020 Indirect Procurement Report provides an in-depth look at the category for Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO), the impact of COVID-19, how the category is managed and the role of technology and sustainability.

Quick detection of leaks in compressed air, gas or vacuum systems

In todays industrial plants and facilities, many of the machines, tools, robotics, product handling and many more pieces of equipment all operate with compressed air, gas and vacuum systems, which provide a vital source of converted energy that is much more easier and convenient than other sources of energy such as electricity, however these resources are compromised by wear and poor maintenance practises.

Understanding Process Calibrator Specifications

Selecting the most suitable calibrator often involves inspecting a specification sheet and a written description of the instrument's performance. These specifications are generally based on the statistics taken from a large sample of the same calibrator, so any single calibrator in the range would meet all the specifications (and generally exceed them). But what are the characteristics of a good specification?

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