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How does it benefit the industry?

Advancements in technology are enabling electronic test and
measurement equipment (T&M) to provide faster, more accurate
results while saving companies time and money.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is one major development
which is driving forward efficiency of T&M applications.

Here's how it can be used to benefit you and your business.

RS PRO Test and Measurement Videos

RS PRO gives you an ever-expanding selection of industry-standard, value-for-money products for all your test and measurement requirements.

Unboxing RS PRO IDM201 Multimeter

RF meters: detecting invisible threats

Unboxing RS PRO IDM99IV Multimeter

RS PRO HS608 MeterScope – Quick Overview

RS PRO WiFi Microscope - High-def in Real time

Best-in-class accuracy: RS PRO TG-301


Procurement teams and engineers face a number of challenges when it comes to the maintenance, repair and operation of their organisation’s assets and facilities. The supply chain for indirect materials is complex and there’s constant pressure from senior management to reduce costs.

As one of the largest industrial suppliers, we’re in a unique position to understand the needs of our customers, and to help businesses improve their processes and make effi ciencies.

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DesignSpark is the home of our engineering community. It’s an online platform which enables passionate engineers to share ideas and find resources or tools to help with their projects.

Check out some of the brilliant articles DesignSpark offers, written by other engineers.

Improve predictive maintenance APAC#1

Learn how you can help prevent costly shutdowns and optimise predictive maintenance with the FLIR Exx thermal imaging camera series.

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Eliminate errors in T&M APAC#2

Take a look at our guide on potential errors in DC voltage measurement and how they can be eliminated to achieve the highest accuracy possible.

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Save time and improve safety APAC#3

Discover the new technology Fluke has developed to save time and improve safety when measuring current and voltage.

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Smart energy consumption APAC#4

Learn how you can start being smarter with the way you manage energy consumption with Testo Smart Probes.

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Look beyond the Pixel with Fluke : APAC#5

You need to look beyond pixels in thermal imagery to see the difference, as pixels are only part of the overall equation, you need to also consider the Focus, Optics and Spatial Resolution (which are pixels and field of view).

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Keysight Key challenges of Industrial IoT with NB-IoT APAC#6

Narrowband- IoT (NB-IoT) holds great promise for rapidly expanding Industrial IoT (IIoT). For those who can overcome its challenges, opportunities abound.

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