Cordless Hammer & SDS Drills

The electric drill is a common companion to the construction worker, maintenance engineer or handy worker. Its function is to drill holes into particular surfaces, so that fixings can be easily attached. A cordless drill allows you precision power when you need it, without being tied to a power point.

RS Components has a range of cordless SDS drills and cordless hammer drills from leading brands, such as DeWalt and Makita.


Rotary hammer drills can combine rotation with a hammer action, which allows you to chisel at tough surface materials. SDS can be used similarly, but there slotted drive systems means they are designed to use specialist drill bits. Many models of drills have a mode selection which will allow you to choose between a rotary action, a chiselling action, or both.

Cordless drills are employed in many fields, such as:

  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Whats the Difference between a Hammer Drill and an SDS Drill?

    A hammer drill features a mechanical, ratchet mechanism, and is designed to be used with normal drill bits, while an SDS Drill has a pneumatic mechanism and requires special SDS drill bits and chisels. This means they are suited to different applications, with SDS being used for concrete, and hammer drills being used for stone.

    Hammer drills are suitable to drill into wood with conventional drill bits, but SDS drill bits are unsuitable for the task. An SDS drill can use a chuck adapter to employ normal drill bits for wood drilling.

    As hammer and SDS drills operate differently, it is important you use the correct drill for the correct surface material. Failing to do so can severely impair its usability.

    Why Go Cordless?

    There are many advantages to battery powered drills, the most obvious of which is portability. As you dont need to be tethered to a power point, you can move freely and work easily in outdoor areas without a generator. The disadvantage is that cordless power tools are often less powerful than their corded counterparts, and that they need to be recharged.

    However, with long life lithium-ion batteries available, cordless drills can have long lasting power suitable for even heavy-duty applications.

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    Description Price Series Chuck Type Chuck Size Drill Type Drilling Capacity Wood Battery Type Battery Voltage Battery Capacity Battery Charge Time Plug Type Model Number Charger Supplied Drilling Capacity Metal Number of Batteries
    RS Stock No. 667-4048
    Mfr. Part No.DHR202RMJ
    1 Kit
    BHR SDS Plus - SDS 26 mm Li-ion 18V 3Ah 22min Type G - British 3-pin BHR202RFE Yes 13 mm 2
    RS Stock No. 872-5640
    Mfr. Part No.DHR242RMJ
    DHR242 SDS Plus - SDS 27 mm Li-ion 18V 4Ah - Type G - British 3-pin DHR242 Yes 13 mm 2