Corded Hammer & SDS Drills

Perfect for heavy duty jobs, Hammer and SDS drills have high power motors with the addition of hammer capabilities. The Slotted Drive System of an SDS drill is what gives it its name and this feature is what allows bits to both spin and have a longer hammering range. As standard, SDS drills can only take SDS specific bits but drill chucks with an SDS mount can be put into the drill to take traditional drill bits. Typically featuring drill, hammer and hammer drill functions, SDS drills are great for tackling large masonry jobs and with the addition of a chisel bit can work through brick, mortar and concrete with ease. Hammer drills unlike SDS drills, have either a keyed or geared chuck to allow for traditional bit shafts. Like an SDS drill, they feature multiple functions allowing the user to have a traditional drill, hammer or function or a hammer drill.

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Description Price Chuck Type Chuck Size Drilling Capacity Masonry Drilling Capacity Metal Drilling Capacity Wood Speed Voltage Rating Wattage Weight Impact Rate Maximum Torque Plug Type Hammer Action Model Number
RS Stock No. 458-1755
Mfr. Part No.HP2051F/1
- - - - - 0 → 1200 / 0 → 2900rpm 110V 720W 2.3kg 0 → 58000 / 2400bpm - Type E - French Yes HP2051F/1
RS Stock No. 506-9543
Mfr. Part No.HP1631K/2
- - 16 mm 13 mm 30 mm 0 → 2800rpm 230V 650W 1.7kg 0 → 44800bpm - Type G - British 3-pin Yes HP1621K/1