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    Anti-Slip Floor Mats

    Anti-Slip Flooring, Mats, Tile, Paints, Adhesives and Sealants

    For accident prevention, anti-slip flooring mats, tiles, tape and paints are perfect for the workplace or the home. In the workplace, slips and trips are the one of the most common accidents, using an anti-slip floor mat or tape can help prevent these accidents. Ideal for use in outdoor and outdoor environments.

    What types of anti-slip flooring are available?

    Anti-slip floor mats are available in any format and suitable for either home, commercial or industrial environments.

    Anti-slip mats are made as individual mats or produced in rolls of material like you would expect when buying a new carpet. Individual anti-slip mats can be placed where needed and are available in various colours and sizes. If supplied on a roll you cut to size and fit as required, especially useful when fitting into an existing floor surface.

    Anti-slip tiles are not the standard type of flooring tile you would use in your home. The tiles are normally used for a specific flooring requirement within industrial environment. The tiles are used on ramps, steps, walkways vehicles and boats. The tiles are also available in an interlocking format and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and then lock into place.

    Anti-slip tape is normally available in a self-adhesive format though you can also use a sealant or adhesive for extra security. The floor tapes are available in various sizes and types from hi-visibility hazard warning to course grained. The floor tapes can be used on many types of surfaces, concrete, ceramics, masonry, wood and metal. The anti-slip tape is bought in rolls of various widths and then cut to size to suit your needs and the applications are endless. Use the tape as added secure footing on step treads, on heavy traffic walkways, corridors factory and manufacturing environments. The floor tapes are necessary where health and safety and safe footing is vital.

    Anti-slip paints and sealants provide you with a safe and easy solution to floor covering plus they are durable and easy to apply. Various colours are available to suit your needs and are suitable for many applications including, food processing and hospitals providing excellent resistance to wear and chemicals. The anti-slip paints and sealants are excellent in high foot traffic areas and can be applied using a roller, trowel and spray equipment. Anti-slip paints and sealants are a versatile floor covering.

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