Wound Cleansing Solutions

First aid cleansers are multi-purpose cleaning solutions intended for use on infected surfaces or to treat minor cuts and scrapes, protecting them from infection. They help remove and kill bacteria and viruses from the affected area. They are a key part of any first aid kit.

What are first aid cleansers used for?

Some first aid cleansers can be used on walls, floors, work surfaces and clothing, others are for use on hands and skin. First aid cleansers can be effective against bacteria, viruses, mycobacterium and spores including Swine Flu (H1N1) and MRSA. First aid cleansers for use on equipment disinfect the area to which it is applied, leaving behind a bacteria and virus free environment.

Types of first aid cleansers

First aid cleansers can be found in the form of sprays, wipes or gels.

Alcohol based first aid cleansers disinfect the skin and small items of equipment. First aid cleansers containing calendula sooth the area and help to prevent bruising. First aid cleansers containing chlorhexidine clean and disinfect wounds without stinging.

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