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    Door Closers

    Door Closers are devices that automatically close a door after it has been opened. Their primary purpose is to comply with fire safety, ensuring that fire doors are never left open in a way that might facilitate the spread of a fire. However, door closers are not always suitable for fire regulation but do have other inherent uses. For example, a door closer will ensure economy in premises heating by keeping heated areas closed off as much as possible. They might also help ensure that noisy areas are more effectively separated from quieter areas, despite the comings and goings of customers or staff.

    .How do door closers work?

    Some door closers use an air cylinder which, when opened, fills with air. As the door closes, a piston forces the air out of the cylinder. A hole controls the rate of closure, and this is often adjustable. Hydraulic door closers are another piece of door hardware that works in a similar way but instead use oil to slow down the closure. Our range of door closers is mostly visible hydraulic arm types, some of which feature adjustable strengths.

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