CCTV Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

CCTV digital video recorders (DVRs) are electronic devices that process video signals received from CCTV cameras and record the content to hard drives.

How do CCTV digital video recorders work?

CCTV digital video recorders capture raw data in various file formats using secondary devices such as CCTV cameras. The captured signals are then quantified and compressed. Advanced DVRs allow users to access security footage remotely from computers or other Internet enabled devices. Most CCTV digital video recorders can record and play various video file formats and resolutions as well as images.

Types of CCTV digital video recorder

CCTV digital video recorders can be classified into four main categories:

  • Computer-based DVRs
  • Set-top-box-based DVRs
  • Portable DVRs
  • OTA (over the air) standalone DVRs

Applications of CCTV digital video recorders DVR

CCTV Digital video recorders are commonly used with physical security applications to record CCTV camera footage in offices, homes, schools, hotel lobbies, malls, restaurants, public libraries and an increasing number of public areas.

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