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Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are analogue instruments used to measure the pressure or vacuum within a fluid power system. Gauges are installed at any point within a machine where the pressure needs to be measured. By monitoring the pressure within a system, you can prevent damage or downtime caused by spikes in pressure.

Analogue pressure gauges display pressure on a dial. The needle is controlled by a spring or a tube that changes according to the pressure. It is important to ensure that your dial can read the pressure range within your system. Some pressure gauges can read up to 5000 psi or 7500 psi. Pressure scale range is also measured in "bar".

RS Components offer an extensive range of highly accurate pressure gauges from industry-leading brands including Bourdon, Fluke, WIKA, Druck, and of course RS PRO.

Need Calibration?

Calibration of your pressure gauge will ensure the instrument is operating correctly and within the manufacturer's specifications. Calibrated gauges will measure within the desired range and provide accurate readings. For more information on this, we offer in-house calibration services if required.

Other things to consider when choosing a pressure gauge include the operating temperature and the accuracy of the reading. Most gauges are mounted on a threaded connection, such as G 1/4 or BSP 3/8.

What are pressure gauges made from?

Most standard pressure gauges are made from stainless steel or brass. However, there are lightweight alternatives such as plastic or aluminium options.

Where are pressure gauges used?

Pressure gauges are used in a wide range of industrial applications where it is necessary to measure the pressure is within normal limits. Some of the most common are:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating systems
  • Compressors
  • Medical engineering
  • Operating machinery
  • Hydraulics systems


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