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    Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

    Hydraulic hose assemblies consist of a hydraulic hose with fittings at the end, ready to be installed into a hydraulic system. Hydraulic hose assemblies feature a flexible hose that is used to transport fluid from one component to another within a hydraulic mechanism or machine. The pre-installed connectors make assemblies ideal for easy integration into your system.

    The hydraulic hose is usually made from a flexible rubber or wire, while the hose fittings are often made from a corrosion-resistant metal, such as stainless steel. Hydraulic hoses are often used in high-pressure environments so are required to be flexible and strong.

    What are hydraulic hoses made from?

    Hydraulic hoses are made up from several layers to help to remain flexible but are reinforced for strength. The hoses tend to be made of three layers,

    • Inner tube - this is the internal part of the hose. It needs to be compatible with the type of fluid that it will be transferring, so as to avoid corrosion.
    • Reinforcement – this is a layer that surrounds the inner tube; made from wire which is either coiled or braided. This both supports and protects the inner tube
    • Outer Layer- The outer layer of the hydraulic hose is made of rigid materials which keep the internal contents safe and avoids the elements having any effect on the workings

    What to consider when choosing a hydraulic hose assembly:

    • Fittings/couplings
    • Diameter
    • Materials
    • Operating temperature
    • Pressure

    Fitting Types:

    It is important to choose a hose assembly which features a fitting/coupling that is compatible with where you wish to install it. This is usually a threaded connection, such as a G 1/4 or a G 3/8 female connector.

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