Hydraulic Flow Meters & Indicators

Hydraulic flow meters are designed to measure and monitor the amount of liquid (or media) that is passing through them, which makes them ideal for monitoring performances in hydraulic systems, such pump testing. A hydraulic flow meter can be used to measure if flow is under or over performing, indicating a potential problem with the equipment or settings.
The RS range of hydraulic flow meters are variable area meters that can measure flow from 2 litres per minute to 110 litres per minute. They use a very simple transparent viewing window which allows the user to see exactly where the flow rate sits. This transparent tube is contained within the metal housing, so won’t fog or cloud over, ensuring readings are never unclear.
How do they work?
These variable flow area hydraulic meters work by allowing flow through an annular orifice, which causes a pressure differential that moves a piston against a specially calibrated spring. The flow rate can then be seen via an indicator gland.

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Description Price Connection Thread Connection Thread Size Minimum Flow Maximum Flow Body Material Connection Thread Standard Flow Accuracy Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Operating Temperature Maximum Viscosity Minimum Operating Temperature Minimum Viscosity Scale Units
RS Stock No. 831-163
Mfr. Part No.FM.26 222 119
BSP 1/2 1/2 in 2L/min 20L/min Brass BSP ±5FSD 350 bar +90°C 200cSt -20°C 10cSt LPM
RS Stock No. 831-185
Mfr. Part No.FM.26.322 219
BSP 3/4 3/4 in 10L/min 110L/min Brass BSP ±5FSD 350 bar +90°C 200cSt -20°C 10cSt LPM
RS Stock No. 831-179
Mfr. Part No.FM.26 322 119
BSP 3/4 3/4 in 5L/min 55L/min Brass BSP ±5FSD 350 bar +90°C 200cSt -20°C 10cSt LPM