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Within our Presentation Tools section, you'll find products to assist with your presentations such as laser pointers and presentation rail systems along with more traditional presentation products such as flip charts and flip chart easels. For our range of high definition projectors, please see our Video & Visuals Equipment section.

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Even the safest working environments can become hazardous if a duty of care to employees is neglected. Use this guide to help identify potential risks in your office


In our comprehensive guide, we look at what laminators are, how they work and what they’re used for, as well as the different types that are available.

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20 x A1 sheets (80gsm) per padChlorine-free white ...
20 x A1 sheets (80gsm) per padChlorine-free white paperPerforated sheets for easy tear-offPlain sheets or Grid designFits most standard flipchart easelsPacks of 5.