Examination & Medical Lights

Examination medical lights produce brilliant lighting. They consist of a pivoting mechanical arm which can be fixed in place at one end and a light at the other. Examination medical lights give professionals plenty of light to do their work and provide more illumination than most other light fixtures. They are highly adjustable, allowing the user to focus the light where it is required.

What are examination medical lights used for?

Examination medical lights are distinct types of lights often found in doctor’s offices, dental offices, tattoo studios and hobbyist studios. The user can manipulate the light to the perfect angle as examination medical lights are often capable of pivoting and rotating, allowing the user to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

Types of examination medical lights

Examination medical lights can accommodate a range of bulbs including incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubesand GLS LED Lamps(light emitting diode). Some examination medical lights are dimmable allowing the user to vary the light to the situation or turn down the brightness when necessary.

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Description Price Lamp Type Wattage Dimmable Lamp Supplied Application Arm Type Cable Length Maximum Reach Voltage Rating
RS Stock No. 702-5249
Mfr. Part No.00406
LED - Yes Yes Medical Spring Balanced 2.75m 1100mm 230 V
RS Stock No. 702-5239
Mfr. Part No.00791
Incandescent 60 W - - Medical Spring Balanced 2.75m 1100mm 230 V
RS Stock No. 702-5242
Mfr. Part No.00400
Compact Fluorescent 10 W, 13 W Yes Yes Medical Spring Balanced 2.75m 1100mm 230 V