Candle Bulbs

Candle bulbs are exactly the same as traditional GLS filament lamps, the only major difference is the physical shape. A candle bulb is purely decorative, designed to mimic the flame effect of a wax candle.

Ornamental candle bulbs have the ability to create the perfect atmosphere. From opulent chandeliers in hotel lobbies to rustic wall lights in pubs and restaurants or traditional desktop lamps, candle bulbs are the perfect solution.

Halogen candle bulbs are an ideal replacement for the more traditional GLS light bulbs. Halogens use 20-30% less energy than older incandescent lamps making them more energy efficient. With the added benefit of being dimmable, this also supports eco-friendliness.

What different types of candle bulbs are there?

Choosing the right filament candle bulb is dependent on the type of lamp needed, the amount of light output required, the fitting the bulb will be used with. A few key points to consider are;

Base size

Candle light bulbs are available in a range of different cap or base sizes. There are two main categories Bayonet cap (twist and lock) and Edison screw cap. Within these two types of cap, there are several different sizes. Care must be taken to ensure the correct bulb is chosen.

  • BC = Bayonet Cap – B22 or B22d
  • SBC = Small Bayonet Cap – B15d / Ba15s
  • ES = Edison Screw – E27
  • SES = Small Edison Screw – E14
  • MES = Miniature Edison Screw – E10


The wattage on a bulb refers to the amount of energy it will use. Selecting the correct wattage is essential. Care must be taken to ensure the bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage permissible for your fixture. You often see reference to equivalent wattages. Below are some figures to help with choosing the best energy-saving alternative.

  • 100 W Incandescent = 72 W Halogen
  • 75 W Incandescent = 53 W Halogen
  • 60 W Incandescent = 43 W Halogen
  • 40 W Incandescent = 28 W Halogen

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Description Price Wattage Lamp Base Lamp Finish Voltage Rating Incandescent Equivalent Wattage Life Hours Length Diameter EU Energy Efficiency Rating Series Lamp Shape
RS Stock No. 765-4531
Mfr. Part No.24064541BESB22
20 W BC / B22d Clear 240 V 25W 2000h 104 mm 35mm D HALOGEN PRO CLASSIC Candle
RS Stock No. 789-9715
Mfr. Part No.0023771
42 W SES / E14 Clear 230 V 55W 2000h 100 mm 36mm D - Candle
RS Stock No. 820-8811
Mfr. Part No.143104
40 W SES / E14 - 230 V - - 104 mm 35mm - - Candle