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    Axial Fans

    Axial flow fans are a type of fan that consists of a single-bladed impeller encased in a plastic or metal cage. They draw air in and propel it forward at the same axis, hence the name axial fan. Axial is the most common type of non-industrial fan and is often used in the design of most floor and table fans.

    Their primary purpose is as a cooling fan often included as part of a bigger system to cool machinery down during and after use. As such, axial flow fans come in a wide array of sizes typically ranging from 12 inch to 24 inch and voltage requirements. They are also used to affect airflow, either by propelling or sucking air throughout a system.

    RS carries axial fans for a variety of functions, including cooling fans for heavy machinery in industrial settings down to CPU units.

    Choosing the Right Cooling Fan

    If you are building a custom server cabinet, CPU, or other units with mechanical hardware that produces a lot of heat, you will need to include at least one cooling fan in your build. Choosing the right axial fan for your build depends on the space available, how much heat your build generates, and what power supply is available.

    Filter our selection by sizes, such as 80mm fans and 60mm fans, by power consumption, such as 5v fans, 12 volt fans, and 24v fans, tube axial fans, vane axial fans, intake or exhaust fans, or more broadly separate as DC fans or AC fans.

    Axial Flow Fans

    As the designation "axial fan" covers any type of fan by this design, they can be found in other applications beyond electronics. Rather than being used for cooling, axial flow fans are commonly used to accelerate the flow of air in HVAC systems.

    Depending on which way the impeller's blades spin, axial flow fans will propel or intake air. This makes them highly versatile in HVAC systems of all sizes.

    Benefits of Axial Fans

    Axial flow fans offer a number of distinct advantages in both industrial and residential settings. With their horizontal windmill configuration, axial fans are capable of deeply and efficiently circulating air through spaces, allowing for precise temperature control. They also operate at lower pressures than comparable blowers yet move larger volumes of air, making axial fans an ideal choice for applications like cooling factories, vents or large equipment. Furthermore, axial fans are versatile enough to act as different types of exhaust fans such as inline exhaust fans or extractor fans. This is why axial fans are becoming an increasingly attractive option for those looking for highly efficient airflow solutions.

    Industrial Application of Axial Fans

    Axial flow fans are widely used in various industrial applications due to their ability to move large volumes of air efficiently and effectively. Here are some specific examples of their industrial applications:

    HVAC System

    In HVAC systems, axial fans play a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperatures and air quality. In data centres, they are essential for cooling down servers and preventing overheating. In warehouses and factories, axial exhaust fans help to ventilate the space, remove pollutants, and create a comfortable working environment.


    Axial fans are widely used in agriculture to control temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for livestock and crops. In livestock barns, tube axial fans provide ventilation and help to reduce heat stress in animals. In greenhouses, vane axial fans circulate air and control humidity levels to promote plant growth.

    Sports arenas & large facilities

    In large venues like sports arenas, convention centres, and shopping malls, axial flow fans are used to maintain a comfortable environment for occupants. They help to circulate air, remove stale air and pollutants, and regulate temperature and humidity levels.

    Mining & tunnel ventilation

    In the mining industry, axial fans are crucial for providing ventilation and ensuring the safety of workers. Tube axial fans are used to ventilate mines and tunnels, removing harmful gases and dust particles from the air. This helps to prevent respiratory problems and other health hazards.

    Power generation

    Axial fans are essential components in power generation facilities. In power plants, they are used to cool down generators and other equipment, preventing overheating and ensuring efficient operation. Additionally, large vane axial fans are used in wind turbines to harness the power of the wind and generate electricity.

    Get Axial Fans At RS

    RS Malaysia is a reliable supplier of axial flow fans, with a wide selection offering the most reliable brands such as Hicool. Whether you're looking for a tube axial exhaust fan, vane axial fan, vane axial blower, or co-axial pipe fans, you can be sure to find it at RS. Our competitive prices mean that you will find the perfect axial fan for your needs at an unbeatable cost. Browse our selection of HVAC, fans & thermal management solutions today.

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