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    Impact Sockets

    Impact sockets are one of many types of sockets used to tighten or loosen fastenings, such as nuts or bolts. Regular sockets are commonly made from the steel alloy chrome vanadium, though others might be made from or plated with beryllium copper or aluminum bronze. In contrast, impact sockets need to be able to handle heavy vibrations, and are therefore commonly made from the more pliable chrome molybdenum.

    Our range of impact sockets includes products from leading brands such as Bahco, Facom, Makita, Teng Tools, and RS PRO. Our impact sockets are available as individual pieces or we have a range of impact socket sets, with a wide variety of sizes and drive types to suit your needs.

    How do Impact Sockets Work?

    Impact sockets are used in conjunction with impact guns, impact wrenches, or impact drivers. During application, the hammer action from the impact tool delivers multiple blows and high torque to break stubborn fasteners free. Impact sockets most commonly have a dark, blackened finish compared to non-impact sockets as they have a carbonized coating which helps them to harden under the impact and manage torque impact changes due to their material makeup. Non-impact (standard) sockets will bend or break when used with an impact tool, such as an impact socket wrench. This can be dangerous and cause injuries or damage to the tools or piece of machinery being worked on.

    What is Included in a Deep Impact Socket Set?

    Deep sockets are a type of socket that has a longer barrel than standard-sized sockets. Deep impact sockets are deep sockets made to be used with impact tools. They provide added accessibility in limited spaces and in hard to reach places all while retaining their ability to tighten or loosen. Their deeper barrel also allows them to reach bolts that are recessed.

    As with other sockets and tool sets, RS carries impact sockets and deep impact sockets sets. These sets are available in metric and imperial measurements, with our range spanning from 3/8 in to 2 3/16 in and 6.0mm to 125mm. Each deep impact socket set will include a handful of differently sized deep impact sockets.

    Impact Driver Socket Sets

    When shopping for impact socket sets, you need to know the size of the drive as well as the type of impact sockets you will need. The most popular drive sizes are 1/4 in, 1/2 in, 3/4, & 1 in, though are also available in sizes ⅜ and ⅝ of an inch. That means you can buy specific impact wrench sockets in a ⅜ impact socket set or an ½ impact socket set and receive a collection of impact sockets that fit over that drive size.

    The different types of impact sockets available in our catalog include:

    Hexagonal Impact Sockets - also known as 6-point impact sockets. The name comes from the hexagonal shape of the internal socket recess. Hexagonal is the most commonly shaped fastener and is the standard shape of most sockets.

    Bi Hexagon Impact Socket - also known as 12-point Impact Socket. The name comes from the double hexagonal shape of the internal socket recess. They fit 6-point fastener heads in twice as many positions. The additional contact points from the socket to the fastener head provide extra torque, making it easier to tighten or loosen.

    Square and Torx Impact Sockets - Other less commonly shaped sockets, typically used in more specialist applications.

    Impact Socket Applications

    Impact sockets are typically used in the engineering, maintenance, fabrication or automotive industries, in areas such as garages and workshops, hydraulic tightening, civil engineering marine maintenance and aerospace applications.

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