Parts Washer Accessories

Parts washer accessories are tools and fixtures used in connection with the washing of machine parts and assemblies. They complement and assist the washing process and can therefore improve the end result. They’re used together with parts washers (machines that clean parts, equipment and components) and come in a wide array of options with different functions.

Types of parts washer accessories

Parts washer accessories include:

  • Work lights
  • Work shelves
  • Sludge trays
  • Brushes
  • Filters
  • Drum liners
  • Drain shelves
  • Cleaners

How do parts washer accessories work?

Parts washer cleaners, for example, are multipurpose formulas or solvents designed to be used in manual, ultrasonic, spray and immersion parts washer applications. They safely and effectively remove grime, oils, grease, ink and other organic deposits from the surfaces and mechanisms of the parts washer.

A parts washer filter mat can be used to trap larger dirt particles during the cleaning process, and may need to be replaced depending on usage.

Work lights can be fixed onto a parts washer to illuminate the areas to be cleaned.

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RS Stock No. 707-4957
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Filter Mat PC 100 M2 BIO Parts Cleaner