Knobs, Equipment Handles & Hand Wheels

Our range of knobs, equipment handles & handwheels give you the ideal solution for all kinds of industrial applications. Product highlights include clamping and tension levers and carrying handles.

What to consider when selecting a knob

We have many different types of knobs including ball knobs and hex knobs, all available in a range of materials, mainly thermoplastics such as duroplast and polypropylene. Our knobs can be coated or moulded; you should take care in selecting the best handle for your application as you may not want a ball knob with a polished plastic coating in a situation where it needs to be turned and adjusted frequently; a hex knob would be a much better suited for that situation as it has a built-in grip.

What to consider when buying levers

Levers are most frequently used for machines and as a result, they need to be able to suit a range of purposes. We stock a range of different style levers that can be clampable, adjustable, flat handles, heavy-duty, rigid arm and tapered levers. Our Levers are available in both male thread and female threads.

Why do I need carrying handles?

Carrying handles are designed to help you hold and handle equipment safely, and can often increase the usability and manoeuvrability of the product you attach them to. Carrying handles are used in many settings industrially, commercially and domestically.

Does it matter if my handwheel is spoked or solid?

We carry a range of spoked handwheels and solid handwheels which are mostly made from plastic or metal including stainless steel and aluminium. Some of our handwheels can be bought with handgrips; crank handles can be supplied with revolving grips, cylindrical grip or fold- down grip. Our handwheels can be used in industry for valve adjustment in machinery, or domestically in sewing machines as a control wheel. Spoked hand wheels and solid handwheels are used differently, and spoked handwheels tend to be used in industrial settings as opposed to solid handwheels.

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