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    Crimp Pin Connectors

    Crimp pin connectors are solderless electrical connections used to terminate stranded wire by inserting the stripped end of the wire into part of the terminal. The crimped end has a single pin and can be connected with other pins or inserted separately into an appropriate receptacle.

    What are crimp pin connectors used for?

    Crimp pin connectors are most common in industrial and military applications due to their durability and flexibility. The automotive sector often uses crimp pin connectors because they do not need soldering. Crimp pin connectors are also used in large-scale production, as they are quick to reproduce reliable connections.

    Types of crimp pin connectors

    The most common types of crimp pin connector are:

    • Barrel connectors which are constructed of a cylindrical metal opening through which the wire is inserted before crimping.
    • Open barrel connectors, which have a U or V shape in which the wire is spread or cradled.
    • Open-barrel crimp pin connectors are preferred for automation as there is no need to funnel stranded wire into the narrow opening of a barrel terminal.
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