Fibre Optic Connectors

Fibre optic connectors are the most efficient way to terminate fibre optic cable where quick connect and disconnect is required. Fibre optic signals work by the transference of light, so it is the purpose the connector to ensure that the light emitting through the fibre optic cable is uninterrupted as little as possible. The RS Range of connectors provide solutions for both single mode and multimode fibre optic cable.
Fibre optic cabling is designed to transfer information via light over long distances at highspeed. As such it is used in data transmission for telecommunications, and are commonly used in computer networking, audio transmission, sensors and power transmission. There are specialist fibre optic connectors to suit these applications.
How Do They Work
In fibre optic connections, it is vital that the fibre faces are firmly pressed together, resulting in strong signal and low insertion loss, and to this end most fibre optic connectors are spring loaded to ensure maximum glass to glass or plastic to plastic connection.
Range of Connectors
The RS Range of fibre optic connectors supply solutions for FC, LC, SC and ST applications.
• FC
The FC, or Ferrule Connector, is a heavy duty Fibre Optic connector with secure threaded connection. Also known as a Fibre Channel connector, it is designed with high vibration environments in mind, and is typically used in more rugged datacom and telecommunications applications.
• SC
The SC, or Standard Connector, features an easy to use push pull latching system for quick connect and disconnect. These fibre optic connectors have a 2.5mm ferrule and are suitable for many Datacom and telecom applications.
• LC
The LC, or Local Connector, is a smaller version of the SC connector with a 1.25mm ferrule and is commonly used in single mode applications. Its smaller size can be an advantage when space saving is a concern.
• ST
The ST, or Straight Tip Connector, uses a 2.5mm ferrule and is known for its secure and convenient bayonet mating style. Due to the rigidity and convenience of their connection, ST connectors are commonly used in networking applications.
MPO, or Multi fibre Push On Connectors, are used for ribbon style fibre optic cables with up to twenty four fibres, and is used for high speed fibre optic applications.

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Description Price Series Connector Type Connector Polish Single/Multimode Simplex/Duplex Fibre Size Insertion Loss Buffer Diameter Jacket Diameter Optical Fibre Type Colour Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS Stock No. 191-8213
Mfr. Part No.PXF6050CAA
6000 - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 191-8165
Mfr. Part No.PXF6054BAA
6000 - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 848-5550
Mfr. Part No.FSCSCBU
FSC SC - Single Mode Simplex 9/125µm 0.3dB 900µm 1.6 → 3mm OS2 Blue - -
RS Stock No. 2508613531
Mfr. Part No.FOA-550A
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
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