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    Cable Covers

    Safety is everyone’s responsibility, right? So, if you work in an environment where exposed cables are an issue then you should definitely consider using a cable cover. Cable covers are not only used for the protection and concealment of cables, but they also provide a quick and easy way to reduce trip hazards and prevent cables from disconnection. For a more in-depth view, please refer to our comprehensive cable covers guide.

    What are the different types of Cable Protection?

    Cable covers, also known as cable protectors can be divided into two main types, Heavy Duty, and Standard Duty.

    Heavy Duty Cable Protection

    This type of cable protector is rugged and hard-wearing. Often used in warehouses and car parks to protect exposed cables from vehicles and other heavy-duty transport vehicles. They are tough enough to be driven over and usually come with red or yellow coloured strips for easy visual identification. Pedestrian cable covers may also offer anti-slip protection for use in areas with heavy foot traffic.

    Standard Duty Cable Protection

    This type of floor cable protector is still tough and hard-wearing, however, would not be suitable for outdoors, warehouses or car parks. They are a popular choice and are primarily used in offices, network rooms and other indoor areas with large amounts of loose cables. Typically made of rubber, and with a simple snap-fit design floor cable covers are essential when you cannot run cables under the floor.

    Where would I use a Cable Cover?

    As we mentioned before cable covers are used in various environments where exposed cables can be a hazard. They keep your cables protected, organised and tidy. Some of the most common applications are

    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Car Parks
    • Offices
    • Music concerts and other outdoor events

    Features and Benefits of a Cable Cover

    • Easy to fit
    • Keeps cables neat and tidy
    • Prevents tripping and falling
    • Protects cables from damage
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