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    Seals are used to join two parts by filling the void between them to create a filled and seal space in between. This seal prevents leaks and helps to protect the parts, seals also ensure constant pressure whilst also keeping debris out. Seals are used in various fields and industries including automotive, aerospace and general engineering.

    How does a seal work?

    A seal seated on one of the two parts to be joined then compressed between these two components to create a securely sealed joint. They can be used in dynamic joints where there is movement as well as in static or fixed applications.

    Types of Seals

    Seals come in a wide range of materials specifically suited for different uses. Some have a high temperature tolerance and are suitable for use in both hot and cold applications, while others are made to be chemically resistant for use in lab or test equipment. A broad range of sizes and thicknesses ensure that you can find the exact seal for the job. Typically made of elastomers like nitrile rubber and silicone, seals can also be found in plastics and other materials. This variety of materials ensures you can create the best and most robust seal for the job.

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