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    Edge Protection Sensors

    RS supplies a range of edge protection sensors to improve your workplace safety. These safety devices can be incorporated into a variety of devices for detecting potential obstructions or hazards, so that machinery or personal can respond accordingly.

    Sometimes referred to as safety edge sensors, edge protection devices are used to protect from shearing, crushing or trapping incidents involving the moving edges of machinery or equipment. They usually consist of a safety control unit and a non-conductive rubber profile fitted on to an aluminium rail. Inside the rubber profile, there may be a thru-beam sensor or a conductive element, like a copper wire. When the rubber profile is compressed, a signal is sent to the equipment's motor control unit, which causes it to stop.

    What are edge protection devices used for?

    Safety edge protection devices are often used on the edges of gates or barriers to prevent trapping and crushing incidents. In an industrial setting, they can be used on a wide range of equipment, from automatic doors, to guided vehicles, to moving machinery beds. They are common in health and safety compliance in automated environments.

    Types of edge protection devices

    Edge protection sensors can differ in the size of their profile, their length and how they are attached to the edge itself. They can also be wired up to a control unit or able to communicate wirelessly.

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